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Access Your PC or Mac from Your iPad

Access Your PC or Mac from Your iPad


Connected flexibility and productivity in one place.

With the explosion of tablets like the iPad, it’s more about necessity than convenience when it comes to the accessibility of documents and files located on your Mac/Windows computer. For example, you’re in negotiations with a client who requests additional information that you know is back on your office computer. What do you do? Do you call someone and ask them to send it to you via email? That doesn’t sound very efficient. A better solution would be to access those files and documents directly on your computer from your iPad.

This type of connectivity provides you with complete access to your files, without the complexity and potential costs of copying or syncing files. The best way to accomplish this is with hopTo, our powerful yet simple-to-use iPad app.

File availability anywhere, anytime.

Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go, hopTo gives you complete file and document access to your PC or Mac and cloud storage services—Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive and Egnyte. Long gone are the days of USB drives, external hard drives, or even shared connections (which can be confusing and time consuming to set up) to move files between your computer and iPad.

With hopTo, you’ll always have access to everything you need when you’re away from your office or home computer.

Why integrate your computer into your hopTo personal cloud?

There are a number of reasons for doing this, the most obvious being remarkable convenience. No matter how diligent we are about uploading files into our cloud storage services, we are bound to leave something on the computer that we will need later while on the go, whether you are in a meeting in a conference room or sitting out in the backyard, all files are at reach with hopTo!

Accessing files on your PC or Mac from your iPad, no matter where you are, brings the future right into the present. While convenience is key, there are many other reasons for integrating your computer into hopTo’s comprehensive mobile workspace.

Unified access. By including your computer link in your personal cloud, it becomes part of the unified access function: the ability to search across all of your cloud storage services and your computer at once.

Enhanced productivity. The hopTo workspace gives you true mobile productivity by letting you search for files, edit and create Office documents, view PDFs and images, and share your files, all from within your personal cloud. Your PC or Mac files can be included in the multitasking interface along with files from your cloud services.

In other words, you’ll have the same great advantages for those files that didn’t make it into a cloud storage service. You’ll be saving a lot of time and gaining much needed productivity by having this centralized connectivity.

Optimized for mobile. Unlike remote desktop access, with hopTo you don’t have to view and access files through a tiny version of your desktop machine. Our workspace is an elegant, simple, and easy-to-use native iPad interface with full Office cloud-based document editing functions.

hopTo differs from remote desktop access in another very important way: In the hopTo app, you are connected to everything. This gives you the ability to search across all of your cloud services and your computer without having to log in and log out of each one separately.

Advantages of connecting storage and your computer in one place.

Centralized connectivity gives you optimal mobile productivity with the ability to access, search, share, edit and create files immediately across multiple locations within one centralized workspace. Not only is this a great convenience, it is essential for productivity.

There’s always talk of security issues around cloud storage and people wonder if a file is going to end up on someone else’s server. hopTo approaches this issue with some key benefits. One is that your hosting location always remains distinct and intact, meaning that if you edit a file hosted on Dropbox, it will always be saved back to Dropbox.

Likewise with your PC or Mac connection. Any file that you access and edit will be saved back to your computer. This is very important if, for example, you need to access some secure financial files on your PC from your iPad, you won’t run the risk of your data ending up anywhere but back on your PC.

And lastly, connecting your storage and computer in hopTo’s centralized workspace truly supports your mobile needs by removing boundaries and unnecessary obstacles that a small device like the iPad shouldn’t have to handle.


hopTo hopTo Work for Citrix combines the power of Windows® and Internet Explorer® apps with a full touch-enabled experience. hopTo delivers a complete Mobile App eXperience for existing Citrix XenApp apps to your mobile devices with the following features: MAXControl -- Map app functions to touch buttons. MAXZoom -- Touch-enabled text editing. MAXCam -- Leverage local device camera to scan bar codes, QR codes, and photos. MAX-IE -- Instantly mobilize and touch-enable Internet Explorer® based web applications, including applications that employ Java, Adobe Flash, or Silverlight technologies.


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