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EUC Weekly Digest – April 16, 2016

EUC Weekly Digest – April 16, 2016


Here are some EUC items that interested me last week.


  • Download Receiver for HTML5 2.0 – client-side app switching, new toolbar, mobile support
    • Receiver for Chrome OS new features – seamless apps, multi-monitor, connection center. Citrix Blog Post.
  • Updated StoreFront code to default the Apps tab to the Categories view. Citrix Discussions.
  • StoreFront code to default iOS and Android to HTML5 Receiver. Citrix Discussions.
  • XenMobile:
    • XenMobile 10.3 How To: Configure Google Cloud Messaging Service – Google API. Citrix Blog Post.
    • Worx Home 10.3 user interface – Includes certificate pinning using Auto Discovery Services. Citrix Docs.
    • Make ShareFile logon page look like Receiver X1 – Download theme files, edit, upload. Jason Samuel Blog Post.
    • ShareFile Enterprise vs Platinum – There are SKUs to add ShareFile Platinum to XenMobile Enterprise. Citrix Product Page.
  • Start Menu Icons Set to Blank Document After Update to Receiver 4.3.100 – Windows 8+, set GPO to allow UNC shortcut icons. Citrix KB.
  • Errors when starting published Microsoft Office applications – create iNetCache folder. Tenera Blog.
  • Citrix Director Custom Reports – Director plug-in. Citrix Blog
  • Marius Sandbu’s NetScaler Gateway eBook
  • The new 40Gig NetScaler models don’t support the newest firmware – Citrix KB
  • Citrix Discussions:
    • Receiver for Chrome 2.0 taskbar issues
    • StoreFront 3.5 – if delete store and re-add, Auth doesn’t work?
    • IE11 bug causes web sessions to logout – invalidates cookie persistence
  • Videos:
    • AppDisk – Behind the Scenes
    • XenMobile iOS MAM Enrollment Demo
    • WorxStore and Worx Apps Installation
    • Samsung KNOX Bulk Enrollment


  • True SSO requires Identity Manager. Identity Manager is essentially VMware’s version of ADFS. You can add any iDP to Identity Manager and it will use True SSO (SAML + dynamic smart cert certificates) to login to Horizon.
  • VMware Boxer Is Here (AirWatch) – video, reminds me of WorxMail
  • VSphere Design Pocketbook 3.0 – Pernixdata
  • Load Balancing VMware Identity Manager with F5 BIG-IP – F5 PDF document. VMware Blog Post.
  • Download VMware vCenter Server 5.5 Update 3d
  • View Persona is not going anywhere – developer confirmed development is still happening


  • NVIDIA GRID Licensing Changes – no more Virtual Workstation Extended, new XenApp licensing. Sean Massey blog post.
  • Disable Windows 10 1st logon animation – GPO setting. Lars Lohmann blog post.
  • Click-by-click – Creating load balanced VMs using Azure Resource Manager in the Azure portal – 1 hr video. MSDN Channel 9.
  • What Is AppLocker? – comparison with Software Restriction Policies. TechNet.
  • Chrome/Firefox can log SSL keys to a file. Use in WireShark. SANS ISC blog post.
  • PowerShell script to display session idle time across multiple servers. Technet gallery.
  • Dell vWorkspace discontinued. Brian Madden blog post.
  • Architecting EUC Solutions – Kindle book from Brian Suhr (Nutanix). Good overview of the EUC design process.

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