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EUC Weekly Digest – April 9, 2016

EUC Weekly Digest – April 9, 2016


Here are some EUC items that interested me last week.


  • Citrix Blog Post on how to prevent MCS from doing a rearm.
  • Download XenMobile Server 10.3.5 – more MAM-centric (e.g. cert deployment), restrict # of enrolled devices (enrollment profiles).
    • Configure > Actions > App wipe or App lock.
    • MAM features require Worx Home 10.3.5.
    • NTP Server can now be configured.
  • XenMobile Worx Home APNS cert expires 4/13. Upgrade to 10.3.5. Or install patch. Only for Worx Home notifications.
  • ShareFile On-Demand Sync – Windows 10 support
  • New Product-specific support pages at Citrix. Example – http://support.citrix.com/en/products/xendesktop. The PM wants feedback.
  • Contribute Exam Questions to Citrix from the comfort of your home.
  • Citrix SmartHub – user-facing tool that runs in virtual desktops. Alerts, App Requests. System Info.
  • VDA Cleanup Utility – cleans up files/registry left by VDA uninstaller.
  • AppDisks Diagnostic Tool – collects AppDisks log files, seems to be newer than the one in the 7.8 VDA.
  • Sacha Thomet’s script to notify when # of free desktops is low – uses Director
  • Reverse Image Windows 10 PvS vDisk using XenConvert – I get winload.exe error when booting. Any ideas?
  • NetScaler:
    • EPA OPSWAT Packet flow and Troubleshooting – registry key to enable client-side logging. NetScaler Assassin blog.
    • NetScaler SDX update bundle does not update LOM firmware. Do that separately.
    • Demo NetScaler App Firewall – basically a getting started guide. Jake Rutski.
    • NetScaler 11 has a built-in Geo Location Database
    • Citrix NetScaler Master Class April 2016 – intro to GSLB, multi-subnet configuration, intro to HA, virtual MAC. YouTube video.
  • Citrix Discussions:
    • Citrix Telemetry Service prevents VDA 7.8 installation
    • Outlook 2013/2016 on Win12R2 doesn’t display notifications
    • Clipboard issues in VDA 7.8
    • Receiver 4.4 hang issue – works in 4.3.100
    • NetScaler EPA reg scan bug – fixed in 11.0 build 66
    • StoreFront 3.5 Delegated Authentication bug – confirmed by Citrix
    • PVS 7.8 -> BOOTMGR image is corrupted. The system cannot boot – XenServer only?
    • On Receiver for iOS, drop-down menus lose background


  • Earl Gay from Sirius Computer Solutions awarded VMware EUC Champion
  • Download Horizon Clients 4.0.1 – re-enables TLS 1.0
  • VMware Horizon 7 True SSO: Setting Up In a Lab – VMware Blog Post
  • VMware Horizon Sizing Estimator 1.1
  • VDI Calculator v7 – Andre Leibovici
  • App Volumes:
    • How to do AppToggle in App Volumes 3.0. VMware Communities.
    • VMware App Volumes Backup Utility Fling – needed in AppVolumes 3? It adds .vmdks to a VM, which can then be backed up.
    • Using the VMware App Volumes snapvol.cfg File to Customize Writable Volumes – what’s saved and not saved. VMware Blog Post.
    • Learning VMware App Volumes – book from Peter von Oven.
  • VMware Performance and Capacity Management – Second Edition – book from Iwan ‘e1’ Rahabok


  • Improving Windows 10 logon time – Remove Modern Apps, use default user profile. James Rankin.
  • LoginVSI OS Tuning Template for Windows 10 – increase density 44%
  • Unidesk 4.0 Tech Preview – I like storing layers in file share. And pushes to PvS.
  • HopTo is making Citrix more touch-friendly on iOS.
  • GPOs not applying on Windows 10 – could be UNC Hardening. Technet forums.
  • UEM Smackdown v16.01 – Rob Beekmans.

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hopTo hopTo Work for Citrix combines the power of Windows® and Internet Explorer® apps with a full touch-enabled experience. hopTo delivers a complete Mobile App eXperience for existing Citrix XenApp apps to your mobile devices with the following features: MAXControl -- Map app functions to touch buttons. MAXZoom -- Touch-enabled text editing. MAXCam -- Leverage local device camera to scan bar codes, QR codes, and photos. MAX-IE -- Instantly mobilize and touch-enable Internet Explorer® based web applications, including applications that employ Java, Adobe Flash, or Silverlight technologies.


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