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EUC Weekly Digest – May 7, 2016

EUC Weekly Digest – May 7, 2016

Here are some EUC items I found interesting last week.


  • New Advanced Concepts section at docs.citrix.com.
  • XenMobile:
    • Download MDX Tookit 10.3.5
    • Download Worx Apps 10.3.5
    • Overview of MAM-centric features in XenMobile 10.3.5 – Citrix Blog Post
    • XenMobile 10.3 Certificate Based Authentication for MAM-Only Mode – Citrix Blog Post
    • How to configure Touch ID authentication with XenMobile Server for iOS devices – Encrypt secrets using Passcode must be disabled. Citrix KB article
    • To wrap MDX apps for Android 6, install Android 6 API 23 – Citrix Discussions. Also edit Android_Settings.txt – Citrix KB article.
    • ShareFile Drive Mapper works on XenApp 7.8
  • NetScaler:
    • Download NetScaler VPX for ESX 11.0 Build 65.72 – new VPX models (25 Mb, 5Gb, 8 Gb, 10 Gb, 15 Gb, 25 Gb), VMXNET3 support, SR-IOV support
    • NetScaler for Azure updated to 11.0 build 65.31. Future upgrades are possible. More details at Citrix Discussions.
    • Citrix NetScaler Master Class – May 2016 – Synergy discount code. Content Switching 101. DataStream (Database Load Balancing). New VPX appliance models. YouTube video
    • Overview of GSLB powered zone preference – computer voice? 2 minute YouTube video
    • NetScaler Security Insight getting started guide – for App Firewall. Built into Insight Center appliance. Marius Sandbu blog post.
    • How to configure NetScaler IP Reputation service (WebRoot) – part of App Firewall. docs.citrix.com
    • How to Set up a maintenance page on Netscaler Gateway using Responder Policy. Daniel Ruiz blog post
  • XenApp/XenDesktop:
    • Known performance issue when implementing XenApp 7.6 with more than 4000 concurrent users – Citrix KB article
    • Download Citrix Connector 3.1 for System Center Configuration Manager – SCCM 2016 support, XenDesktop 7.8 support
    • How to configure RDS, XenApp, StoreFront, and Receiver to allow multiple sessions to the same machine – Citrix Blog Post
    • Enabling SSL on VDA prevents Receiver for iOS from connecting – Citrix Discussions
    • Exporting and importing VMware dvPortGroups breaks MCS – Citrix Discussions
    • ComTrade SCOM Pack for XenDesktop oData troubleshooting guide – Citrix Discussions
    • Download Secure Gateway 3.3.4 – TLS 1.2 support
    • XenApp 6.5 R06 Hotfix 21 – adds TLS 1.2 for SSL Relay
  • Profile Management:
    • Configure Profile Management to save Google Chrome settings – Citrix Discussions
  • Provisioning Services:
    • PvS 7.8 supports Hyper-V Gen 2 for RDSH only. No VDI. Video driver issue – Citrix Discussions
  • CloudBridge:
    • Download CloudBridge Virtual WAN 9.0 – merges Virtual WAN and WAN Optimization into a new Enterprise Edition.
    • Download CloudBridge Virtual WAN Center 9.0 – monitoring, visibility, orchestration. More details at Citrix Blog Post.


  • Two+ monitors crashes Horizon Client 4.0+ connecting to desktop on ESX 6.0 Update 2 – uncheck Enable display scaling – VMware KB article
  • Horizon FLEX 1.8 Deployment Considerations – Word document. VMware communities.
  • Download vSphere Management Assistant


  • April 2016 hotfix rollup for the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack – App-V and UEV hotfixes
  • Can’t disable Windows Store in Windows 10 Pro through Group Policy – Can still be disabled in Enterprise. Microsoft KB article
  • NVIDIA GRID B-Profiles for business – Rachel Berry blog post. Links to NVIDIA documentation.
  • Control-Up Citrix PvS 7.8 Farm Check Script Based Action
  • Windows 10 – How to turn off Live Tiles – Technet

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