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Remote Desktop Client – iPad, iPhone, Android – hopTo Work 2.0 Document Editing


hopTo Work is the New Mobile Workspace.Transport & transform your existing Windows apps into touch friendly mobile apps- with NO coding required. with the launch of version 2.0, hopTo Work now includes MAX – Mobile App eXperience.

hopTo Work is the best mobile remote desktop client for iPad, iPhone and Android. Mobilize your existing Windows apps today with hopTo Work.

Watch this short demo video to see the powerful touch enabled document creation and editing capabilities available with hopTo Work 2.0 on your mobile devices.

Review the hopTo Work 2.0 overview presentation on SlideShare – http://www.slideshare.net/bflanagan/hopto-work-the-new-mobile-desktop-high-level-overview

View the hopTo Work 2.0 product launch webinar recording – https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/6129922825935128066

View our hands-on technical webinar co-hosted by Doug Brown (Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP and VMware vEXPERT) – https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/702798302548884994

Most IT departments face an exponential change – the explosion of mobile devices. The real challenge is the fact that most mission critical applications are Windows based, but most new mobile devices are not. While solutions exist to transport your mission critical apps to mobile devices, users often struggle a great deal with using a touch interface for an app designed for a mouse and keyboard.

hopTo offers a mobile workspace that overcomes the many challenges of transporting Windows apps to mobile devices by transforming the user interface to be touch friendly & mobile. hopTo Work uses an organizations existing Windows infrastructure to enable a complete multi-tasking mobility solution for all users while keeping all documents and content secure on the internal network. We enable you to transport your Windows apps to mobile devices, then transform those Windows apps into touch friendly mobile apps – with no coding required.


hopTo hopTo Work for Citrix combines the power of Windows® and Internet Explorer® apps with a full touch-enabled experience. hopTo delivers a complete Mobile App eXperience for existing Citrix XenApp apps to your mobile devices with the following features: MAXControl -- Map app functions to touch buttons. MAXZoom -- Touch-enabled text editing. MAXCam -- Leverage local device camera to scan bar codes, QR codes, and photos. MAX-IE -- Instantly mobilize and touch-enable Internet Explorer® based web applications, including applications that employ Java, Adobe Flash, or Silverlight technologies.


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